Thursday, 28 July 2016

Faces of HER Portrait

Protruding planes eccentrically incarnate
structures of her reflections extracted through
expressions of her sensations’


Bitterly absorbed by the notion of relentless fear accustomed to the known dreams of calamity constrained by hasty wounds of hounded lands.
devoured by life, birthed by love


natured by experiences of particular ecstasies

molecular diversities

portrait of poise a relentless tangibility  


like that of walking on thorns

knows of no containments of iniquity, soul etherised acuities
genesis of beginning


veining existence of tranquility to devote
bitter hearts
lost souls
hidden hope 


of light
depiction deities
obstinate jargons
portrayed in a face.

Credit awarded to various photographers
'Verona 'Lungile 'Bantu 'Sphiwe 'Chan


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sexes of Ambience

Some people are considered Men and some, Women Objectively described by the law of implicit cultural anatomy Obscured from a revolution excluded as a result enclosed by the 'notions of immutable gender contrasts 

An imperfect philosophy made manifest by a truculent concerning gender expressions by #GenderBenders  

Souls so eccentric
They have lived here before
Engraved in the very daises we stride by
They have no faces apart from the ones
Shaped by an implacable society

 Humanity elapses in the face of bigotry

an animus stripped off a daily life of ceaseless alterations
from the actuality of fragmented souls
eccentrically ambiguous

Masculinity, Femininity

Womb - Man 


twirled inwardly outward to encounter SHE
‘That dies knowing'

The engendered soul
Walks past streets of calamity with 
dresses draping down her feet 
channeling her khali 
Shape Shifting

exuding boldness engendered by genitals
carrying spears struck by worldly perspectives
looking back at her

for HE is

The Other Woman
reiterating the patriarchal folklore of potency
macho in form
brutes with chest hairs
firm contours and nuts

she who redefines the eminence of muliebrity 

Patently faceting complexities

Shaped by an implacable society
eccentrically ambiguous
ambient souls